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A Booke of receipts both for Phisicke and Chirurgery

Wellcome Library,


(A) Booke of receipts both for Phisicke and Chirurgery gathered from divers excellent practitioners and sundry Authors. 1641. With other receipts etc. First 2 ll. Judgment of urines. Pp. 2-69 Receipts in physic. 70-76 Medical receipts by a later 17th cent. hand. 77-92 Blank. 93, 94 Table of Dominical Letters, etc. from 1640 to 1668 98-117 Miscellaneous medical receipts and notes, on medicinal plants, and a few cookery receipts. 123, 124 On looch-̀a medicine more liquid than an electuary'. 125 Index to the next section. P. 1-59 ̀Here followth the Art of Chirurgery'. (Receipts for surgical diseases, etc.). 60, 61 Receipts by the later hand. 62-100 Blank except for some scribblings. Beginning from the other end of the volume, by the same hand, are 21 ll. of ̀Receipts for diseases and cures in horses' [and other domestic animals], on angling and bird catching, to make various beverages, forms of legal documents, etc. On p. 96 of the first section ̀Edward Petchey his Booke god / give him grace therein [to] looke / and when the bell begins to / toll god give him grace to / save his soule // 1690'.
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LICENZA : Public domain
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