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The Qur?an.

Library of Congress,


This manuscript is a fragment of the Qur?an, consisting of chapters 19 (Su?rat Maryam) through 23 (Su?rat al-mu'minu?n). It was produced in the Maghreb and dates from the 12th century AH (18th century AD). The text is written in a large Maghrebi? script, with vocalization in red, green, and yellow ink on Italian paper. The codex opens with an illuminated chapter heading for chapter 19 written in the New Abbasid (broken cursive) style (folio 1b) in gold ink within a decorative headpiece. The titles of other chapters are written in the New Abbasid style in gold ink (folios 21a, 47b, 70a, and 102a) with a marginal medallion. The blind-tooled goatskin binding is not contemporary with the manuscript and probably dates from the 13th century AH (19th century AD). The manuscript is from the Walters Art Museum and is designated Walters W. 568.


LINGUA : arabo
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