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Studies on human mobility are often concerned with the importance of immigration. The sudies in this book deal with the adverse aspects of immigration, the emigration, as well as the itinerancy which has been a way of life for numerous groups of people. By following the movement of people, this book aims, more precisely, at examining the procedures for its control and their logic, and its representations in past societies. Emigration and itinerancy are exceptional laboratories for analyzing ways of managing the migratory flow, because they really challenge the social structures and the political institutions, put in place by stable populations. These articles show how sedentariness and mobility complement each other, and invite to reflect on the concept and practice of freedom of movement.


LINGUA : francese
LICENZA : Licenza sconosciuta
ARGOMENTI : # in Scienze umane / Storia
TAG : tag: itinérance , flux migratoire , antiquité , époque moderne , colonisation , history
FONTE : Publisher: Ausonius Éditions
EISBN:9782356132789; ISBN:9782356130082