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Album Commemorating the Tercentenary Anniversary of the Imperial House of Romanov.


Library of Congress,


This book is one of many works published in Russia in connection with the celebration, in 1913, of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov. The author, Ivan Bazhenov, was a church historian, theologian, and local historian in Kostroma. In his introduction, Bazhenov states that the goal of the publication is ""to give the readers an opportunity to understand and evaluate the great significance of this anniversary and at the same time to awaken their gratitude for the founder of the Romanov dynasty."" He begins by describing Russia before the Romanovs, focusing particularly on the rule of Ivan I (also called Ivan Kalita, circa 1304-circa 1340). He also covers the period of political turmoil that immediately preceded the establishment of the Romanov dynasty, beginning with the collapse of the Rurik dynasty in 1598. He then recounts how the young Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov was elected tsar in 1613 and how his 32-year reign set Russia on a path of economic development and increased national power. This historical overview is followed by portraits of the Russian tsars from Mikhail Fedorovich to Alexander III (1845--94, reigned 1883--94) by Vasilii Petrovich Vereshchagin, a professor of historical painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Each portrait is accompanied by a brief caption, probably written by Vereshchagin, listing the main accomplishments of each ruler. The album is preserved in the State Public Historical Library of Russia."