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Malstil und Schreibsprache : Kunsthistorisch-stilkritische und sprachwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zur Lokalisierung des Münchener „Jüngeren Titurel“ (München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Cgm 8470)




Interdisciplinary cooperation enables the two authors to precicly localize and date one of the most lavishly produced manuscript of a medieval German epic during 15th century. With the combination of art-historical and linguistic methods the “Münchener Jüngere Titurel” (BSB, Cgm 8470) – hithero beliefed to be of Tyrolian or Vienese origin – was dated (c. 1430/35) and localised (Regensburg). The exemplary study proves the potential of cooperations within the humanities.