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10 Explanatory Illustrations of the Constitution of Japan

World Digital Library,


These colored illustrations were produced by Nihon University in 1947 to provide a straightforward explanation of the fundamental principles of the new Japanese constitution. They convey such themes as "the rights and duties of the people," "the rights of the individual," and "equality of the people," using beautiful colors and humorous illustrations. These illustrations, together with books and documents, were commissioned by the Kenpō Fukyū Kai (Constitution Popularization Society), which was founded on December 1, 1946 to popularize the spirit of the new constitution and raise awareness of it in the general population.
Associated Name: Kenpō Fukyūkai
Place: East Asia; Japan
Institution: National Diet Library
Physical description: 10 papers : color illustrations ; 78.5 × 54.8 centimeters


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