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Paul Grotz arrived in New York in 1928, and in the following year he moved in with Walker Evans, who would become one of the most influential artists in the history of the medium, known for his direct and clear-eyed photographs of everyday America. Grotz, meanwhile, became an architect and editor of Architectural Forum magazine. The two young roommates routinely roamed the streets of New York together in 1929–30, photographing high-rises and skylines. Evans often borrowed Grotz’s Leica—the new lightweight, handheld camera with 35mm film rolls. As the two men grew to be close friends, they staged a series of intimate portraits of one another while experimenting with pose, shadow, and camera angle. In this image, Grotz captured his companion’s characteristic reserve. Chin in hand, Evans might be pensive, bored, or perhaps feigning aloofness for the sake of a compelling portrait.
MEDIUM: Gelatin silver print
ART FORM: Photograph