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Good Things Come in Pairs 8

Cleveland Museum of Art,


Oggetto: Painting
Peng Wei is a contemporary female artist with a studio in Beijing. This recently acquired pair of shoes made of transparent silk allows a glimpse onto their soles painted with erotic scenes that refer to the past, showing female figures with bound feet. However, the ballerina-style shoes reflect a modern and more liberal way of living.

The work’s title, Good Things Come in Pairs (haoshi chengshuang), is a Chinese proverb. It can also be read as an allusion to the Chinese philosophical principle that when the forces of yin and yang—or male and female—are in balance, harmony and order are achieved. As is typical for her works, Peng Wei’s pair of shoes demonstrate a refined elegance and a unique aesthetic approach through the choice of material combined with an original idea.
Fonte: Good Things Come in Pairs 8, 2011. Peng Wei (Chinese, b. 1974). Silk: plain weave, painted with ink and colors; 28 x 18 x 5 cm (11 x 7 1/16 x 1 15/16 in.). The Cleveland Museum of Art, Dudley P. Allen Fund 2017.64


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