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Valley of Fassa from Opposite Gries (1834), Sir John Frederick William Herschel (British, 1792 - 1871)

The J. Paul Getty Museum,


Medium: Graphite drawing made with the aid of a camera lucida
Dimensions: 20 × 30.8 cm (7 7/8 × 12 1/8 in.)
Object Number: 91.GG.98.32
Inscription: (Recto, print) inscribed in pencil, at lower center, by Herschel: '. [encircled] / Eye 15.0 / [illeg.] / off of Eye 13.0'; in pencil, at lower right edge, by Herschel: 'Level of the ridge / on wide gravelly plain very naked & / bare -- group of peasants, etc.'; in pencil, at lower left edge, by Herschel: 'Peak b / b bearing WMN by Compass'; in pencil, at lower center edge, by Herschel: 'Valley of Fassa (Recto, sheet) inscribed in black ink, at upper center edge, by Herschel: 'No 298'; in black ink, at lower center below image, by Herschel: 'Valley of Fass from opposite Gries.'; in pencil, at lower left edge, by Herschel: '11. [illeg. ] 35 / Level no / 85' [written sideways] (Verso, sheet) inscribed in pencil, at upper center, possibly by Herschel: 'Valley of Fass from oposite Gries. / Singular intermixture of / the Pyroxene and Dolomite / the black and the white rock'
Signed: (Recto, sheet) signed and dated in black ink, at lower left below image: 'JHW Herschel [space] delin [space] 1834'
Attribution: Digital image courtesy of the Getty's Open Content Program.


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