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Writing Books under the Pine Trees

Cleveland Museum of Art,


Oggetto: Painting
Wang Meng is traditionally considered on of the four masters of the Yuan dynasty. This is a rare example of the distinctive brush style for which he is renowned. It is signed and sealed (at the left) by the artist, who also wrote the following inscription in classical seal script (at the right): Many years and months passed by the locked gate Behind which the scholar has been immersed in writing his books; While the pine trees he had planted Have all grown up with old dragon scales.
Fonte: Writing Books under the Pine Trees, 1279-1368. Wang Meng (Chinese, c. 1308-1385). Album leaf; image: 66.7 x 70.5 cm (26 1/4 x 27 3/4 in.). The Cleveland Museum of Art, Bequest of Mrs. A. Dean Perry 1997.94